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Scripted Testing

Within my research I often run network simulations to examine the performance of a system of interest. Potential problems that arise when running many such simulations include:

To prevent these problems I've developed a basic infrastructure for scripting processes (typically simulations) and managing the data they produce. I haven't yet bothered to provide detailed documentation for the system, but folks may enjoy poking around at its internals. Example scripts using this library are included in the distribution.

Scripted Testing Downloads

Null Transformation in CIL

A favorite tool of mine is the C Intermediate Language (CIL) framework. CIL provides the infrastructure for analyzing and augmenting C code bases. There are multiple ways to use CIL, but my method of choice is developing stand alone tools that link in the core of CIL as a library. These tools can then examine preprocessed C files (think gcc -E ...) and output analysis results or an augmented program.

Below is a minimal "Null" transformation. This simply demonstrates how to process command line arguments in OCaml, load a file into CIL, and spit it back out to a file. Hopefully others will find this to be a great jumping off point to learn more about the tool and begin developing their own analysis.

Null Transformation Downloads