Understanding Wine
DLL and Service Development in Wine
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  1. Download and build the latest version of Wine. Instructions on downloading the latest version of Wine are available at The Wine Git Tree. This tutorial uses the $WINEPATH variable as shorthand for the location that you place the root directory of the Wine source tree. Build Wine using:

    cd $WINEPATH
    make depend

    More detailed installation instructions are available at Software Engineering with Wine.

  2. Download source code for this tutorial, extract it, and copy the source into the Wine source tree. The tutorial source is available as a tarball or zip:

    • Code as a tgz

    • Code as a zip

      The distributed source tree mirrors the layout of source files in Wine. It is important to place the tutorial code in the proper Wine directories. This entire process can be done from the shell using:

      cd /tmp
      wget link:count_tutorial.tgz
      tar -xzvf count_tutorial.tgz
      cp -R count_tutorial/dlls/* $WINEPATH/dlls
      cp -R count_tutorial/projects/* $WINEPATH/projects
      cp count_tutorial/include/count.idl $WINEPATH/include
      cp -R count_tutorial/count_tutorial_on_windows $WINEPATH/count_tutorial_on_windows
  3. Add the new souce to Wine using Git to integrate the tutorial into Wine's build system.

    git add dlls/count dlls/count_proxy projects/count_service projects/count_server include/count.idl

    The count_tutorial_on_windows directory is not added, since it only contains Windows specific files that will not be used with Wine.

  4. Update Wine's build system and build the tutorial code.

    cd $WINEPATH
    make depend